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About The Ramayana Quiz

The Ramayana is one among the two great epics of India.

Most people know the general story line of the Ramayana. However very few know the details behind.This app is a humble attempt on our part to share knowledge on the Ramayana in a relaxed and playful manner.The app can be used in 3 different ways :

Take a Quiz :
Who does not like a quiz after all? In this mode, you can test yourself by selecting an answer and getting a response immediately. In case your answer is wrong, the correct answer will be provided.

Take a Timed Test:
This mode allows you to take a set number questions within a specified time. This is an attempt to simulate an examination scenario. Questions are asked one after the other and the remaining time is displayed in seconds.The time factor makes the quiz even more interesting.

Questions and Answers:
The contents are provided in a question and answer format, ideal to glance through in a relaxed manner.

Special logic has been built in to ensure that the same set of questions are not repeated as far as possible in quiz and test sessions.

Appreciate your feedback and suggestions on further improving the app.

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