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Melony: World First Watermelon

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About Melony: World First Watermelon

Do you always waste money on unripe watermelons? Hah! It's 2019 and everything has been easy: just install the app and thump the watermelon, and the magic will happen. The app uses complex algorithms that analyze the sound frequency of a watermelon, and detect, based on the sound, the ripeness of the watermelon. Additionally, the app contains several tips to help you choose the best ripe watermelon.

This's how it works:
1-Download the app for free.
2-Open the app and choose a watermelon based on the tips in the app.
3-Start the sound test.
4-Thump the watermelon 3 times, putting the phone on it.
5-The app will analyze the sound and give you the final result within seconds.

All your scans are saved automatically.

Download now and forget about unripe watermelons!

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