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About Reggaeton Ringtones & alarms

Set a new Reggaeton tune from our library of Reggaeton songs we included in this app if you are tired of your same everyday ringtone.

With this app you can choose from more than 30 different audios to personalize your ringtones.

And not only that, you can set also alarms and notification tones.

Here are the tunes included in the app:

-Chica Bella
-Eres mia
-La fiesta
-La pregunta
-Lo Latino
-Me gusta
-Mi body
-Mueve Suave
-Notif 1
-Notif 10
-Notif 2
-Notif 3
-Notif 4 short
-Notif 4
-Notif 5
-Notif 6
-Notif 7
-Notif 8
-Notif 9
-Te llevo
-Y si no

Original and fresh sounds, tunes and beats you can't find in other apps..The variety of sounds and audios will let you change also from time to time without repeating.

Some of the these tunes have been produced by professional, producers, dj's and beatmakers for audio projects and libraries used around the world, based on loops, samples and sounds inspired by hits.

Future updates will include the features of sharing, more tunes, and singing over the beats and samples

Permissions needed for the app to work:
-Change system settings: needed to change your ringtone
-Acces media files: needed to install the audio in your phone so it can be used as a ringtone

How to use:

Easy simple!
Browse through the audio list, playing the Reggaeton songs until you find a tune you like.
Once you find it, click on "Set ringtone". A popup will appear where you can choose to install as a Ringtone, Notification Tone or Alarm.

If you select the alarm, you will be directed to the Alarm settings to set it in whatever alarm you want to use it.

And that's it, very easy and simple way to personalize your tunes.


If you have any suggestion or comment, don't doubt and contact us.

And Finally, if you have the time, we appreciate and honest review in the store page.

Thanks for your download

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