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Our all new Android app makes it possible to backup and restore mobile data with a 'single tap'. You can now backup contacts, photos, videos, SD card files, call logs, calendar and text messages.

Backup an unlimited number of devices (including PCs and Macs) into a single account and access them from anywhere - no matter which IBackup plan you belong to!


· Backup and Restore contacts, photos, videos, SD card files, call logs, calendar, and text messages with a single tap.

· Selectively backup and restore only the stuff you need.

· Browse and download backed up files from all of your linked devices and computers.

· Share a single file/folder or multiple files/folders with anyone using a single link. Set permissions and passwords.

· Automatic mobile upload protects your photos and videos as soon as they are taken via wi-fi or cellular data (if you choose).

· Improved gallery features include easy viewing of pictures, video play, and more.

Security features:

· All data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.

· Optional private key encryption ensures no one, except you, can access your data.

· Protect, access, and share your digital life with IBackup!

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