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Radek Piekarz
Free (in-app purchases)
4.3 out of 5
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About Scrobble FM

The application is used to listen to Polish radio stations. Allows scrobbling songs on At this time, you can listen to over 400 channels. Surely you can find in it what you are looking for.

From the settings, you can set Scrobbles FM clock radio with our favorite radio station. In addition, if you like to sleep with the radio on, just use the timer to turn off the application for the indicated time.

There were also built into the equalizer.

Unfortunately, I have no way to respond to errors in the comments so if you have problems as best as you write your comment here: giving your phone model and version of Android.

The PRO version also allows for:
* Recording streams
* Control application using the widget
* Add your own stations
* View information about the artist, song text
* Watching music videos
* History of songs
* A list of your favorite songs
* Equalizer

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