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Flappy Soldier Counter Tf2 Bir

Skórski Production
4.2 out of 5
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About Flappy Soldier Counter Tf2 Bir

In this game, you help a soldier counter other characters (not that he needs it) but at least it will be fun while facing multiple threats. Flappy soldier counter makes an internet team fortress meme real, mixing well-known bird gameplay with some added elements. Using hilarious voice-overs, the game aims to be funny and a good time killer. In the future game will be updated with more skins and backgrounds!

Key features:
- Help soldier beat other well-known characters!
- Music and voices will make your journey hilarious
- Buy new hats, skins, and backgrounds from the Soldier Shop!

Tf2 Flappy Soldier Counter as a bird

****Copyright info****
- Some in-game music is from YouTube videos and it is correctly attributed respecting the CC BY 3.0 License

- Some in-game pictures are normal screenshots taken from the game TF2. They are not assets of the game itself.

- In-game voices are very similar in sound to the original ones from TF2, but not exactly the same, they are imitations of the real ones.

- All other content is created by the developer and/or distributed under a Royalty-Free license.

If you are the owner of any of those assets and you don't want it to be utilized by this game, send the developer appropriate documentation and it will be instantly removed.

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