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Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia
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About SATUSEHAT Mobile

SATUSEHAT Mobile is a transformation and development of the PeduliLindungi application that will become a new lifestyle for Indonesian to #TetapSEHAT and #MakinSEHAT.

SATUSEHAT Mobile is a form of our commitment to provide the best health services and information for all Indonesian people. Various features are present in this application to make it easier for people to be healthier. Some of our flagship features are:

Prevention of Covid-19 spread:
- Vaccination status (Screening)
- Tracking
- Warning and Fencing

Health services:
- Get official health service information from the Ministry of Health.

Electronic Medical Records:
- Enjoy integrated health services. Get treatment at different health facilities more efficiently.

SATUSEHAT Mobile is one of the platforms to share health information and programs from the Ministry of Health.

Download SATUSEHAT Mobile and enjoy an efficient and with wider range of health services.