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About Living in 2020 : Choose your S

A non-profit interactive story or visual novel based on real life pandemic situation caused by Covid-19 virus. Come with multiple endings.
It's tell a story how Adit, a young online delivery driver struggling with his life.
The narrative is presented and visualized in modern webtoon style with hand drawn illustration.

Story begin when Adit, ordinary young man as representative of generation Z and millenials, work at office.
Just fired from his job, he faced the condition of his mother who is already sick.
From an ordinary family, her younger sister works as a nurse.
Adit is the only man in the family and need to fight for his family's life.

This young man forced to struggling his daily life in pandemic conditions.
Packaged into a short interactive story, Living in 2020 have several alternative endings which you can get through your choices in the game.
Simulating player as Adit at the first place with less words.

Comes in 2 languages, Indonesian and English.

This game is proudly presented by Wisageni Studio together with Asosiasi Game Indonesia and Kemenparekraf for GAME LOKAL KREASI INDONESIA (GELORA 2020) program.
We support government movement in breaking the chain of the spread of COVID-19.
And this game is a form of our social concern as part of Indonesian society.
Let's fight covid-19 together!

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