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About Hunting Simulator Games

Walk, find, aim, shoot - be a hunter, join hunting clash!

Hunting Simulator Game is one of free hunting games. At the same time it isn’t not just dh classic or any other deer games, it includes much more interesting things.

START from clay hunt on the Kuwait map. Test your weapon by moving target shooting and long range sniper shooting.

IMPROVE your skills on other maps/hunting simulator locations. France, Argentina, Mexico are for relaxing hunt and fun. Goose, ducks, pigeon - all of them are here. There aren’t any dangerous animals.

Hunter can try duck hunting, turkey hunting, goose chase.

WIN a hunter clash and become a big game hunter choose: Canada, Chile, Finland, Germany, Greece, Belarus, Greenland, Italy, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA-Alaska, USA-East, Brazil, Africa safari.

Feel the call of the wild and passion of hunting games. A sense of danger will haunt you during the bear hunting games.

HAVE FUN with duck hunting games, turkey hunting and goose chase.

Weapons to shoot:

  • Shotguns 8 / 16 / 12g / 12v / 12semi Auto / .410 gauge

  • Rifles .223/.308/.338/.50 with scopes for best sniper shooter experience.

  • You can use unique sniper hunting bows and crossbows in this bow hunting games.

  • Ballistic calculator with wind shift - sniper pay attention to the call of the wind at long distance shooting!

Different projectiles types

Hunter game accessories: camouflage, flashlight. Decoy calls and turkey calls. Binocular with different zoom and distance calculations. Thermovision and night vision. Hunt & stand.

Hunting with dogs: give commands and be the dog hunter. Hunt with the dogs like a Pro hunt!

Use the car drive to make your hunt more exiting. All-terrain vehicle (ATV four wheeler mudding) driving and snowmobile for winter drive.

Animals hunt (wild hunt):

  • Moose, Hog, Pig, Boar, Fox,Wolf,Hare.

  • Deer hunting. Bear hunting.Buck hunting.

  • Bird hunting simulator: Woodcock,Pigeon, Partridge, Pheasant, Grouse, Capercaillie. Duck hunting, Goose chase, Turkey hunting.

Welcome to hunt for animals in Africa Safari: Gazelle, Cheetah, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Hyena, Warthog, Wildebeest, Zebra. Crocodile hunting.Safari Africa big 5 trophy hunting games with such animals: Leopard, Lion, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Buffalo

Feel the hunter call of the wild nature with:

  • Car drive (snowmobile and ATV)

  • Animated Gun reloading

  • Sniping (sniper shooting)

  • Night professional hunt (game night)

FPS Hunting simulator for android is a shooting game. It is a one of the popular free hunting games.

Do hunting animals without internet, cause it's an offline game.

Open the hunting season and join hunter clash right now!

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