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Building Destroy

Xenium Games
3.2 out of 5
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About Building Destroy

- 25 Buildings to be destructed!
- 25 Amazing Environments with beautiful scenery!
- Many different atmospheres with different weather types!
- 1 Ball Type that will soon be even more!

Building Destroy is a 3D destruction game, that puts you right in the spot of a cannon operator. Pick your spot and angle and shoot as hard as you can to demolish the 3d structures on your device! With amazing graphics and lifelike physics, Building Destruction present you an enjoying experience.

Teardown all buildings of all levels to get special achievements.

Current Version Features: 1.3.0
- 25 Levels
- 25 Buildings
- 25 Atmosphere
- 1 Ball Type
- Build your own building

Upcoming Version Features: 1.4.0
- 5 More Levels
- 5 More Buildings
- 5 New Ball Types
- More Explosion Effects

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