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San Andreas Auto & Gang Wars

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About San Andreas Auto & Gang Wars

You have found your new favorite game. This game brings challenging open world missions back to your mobile devices. It packs a superb third-person shooter game with great graphics and awesome gameplay!

Explore the gang war city and complete daring missions. Roam around the whole city, finding and destroying enemies with a wide choice of cool and exclusive missions. Deliver important packages from one dealer to another dealer. Take out VIPs so that you can get payments. Create and rule your territory. Become the leader of the gangs of the city in this cool and epic 3D shooting game.

The key to survival is to steal all kinds of cars, bikes, motorcycles you will find along the streets. With all these cars, you will win speed driving, and your danger as a criminal will be more serious!

The police are always chasing you and your gang. Go over the streets of the town and find cops: they are your shooting target. Use the appropriate weapons to kill them and continue your 3D crime driving your auto. As a real bully in San Andreas, you must always be vigilant and ready for action.

Besides a thief, you are the grand sniper of the gangsters. Your gang is also involved with drug trouble, so you are the focus of the police.

This mission game is a life mobile 3D simulator, so the level of action, speed and reality are huge. Look for the gang car to use and steal everything you can in the real fight. You can also choose from various weapons and guns so that your shooting target will be caught and killed.

A calm city and urban streets become a real and grand battleground so every pedestrian can be a cop, so you must shoot and kill everybody. You shouldn’t look like a gangster so that theft will be easier. People have to trust you, and then… you commit the crime. Drive all kinds of cars to be the quickest gangster and bully in the city.

Speed and perfect driving and shooting skills will be all you need to win the battle and every crime mission. Weapons and auto are your grand treasure. Open world scene mode is free and highly realistic.

When you survive a mission, the next one will be more dangerous and difficult. Mafia, gangs, and gangsters are the enemies of the police, so you must do your best. When you have the right weapon or gun and your shoot your target, the victory is closer. You will go into ghettos and theft crimes there will be scaring. But an auto thief is brave and has to survive as well in difficult times and places.

Within the mafia, you are a famous grand sniper and auto thief; you will be in charge of the difficult theft missions. You can collaborate with other bullies but don´t be confused with bullies and police, thieves and cops.

Gang wars is a 3D mobile free open-world game. Gangster’s real life is not easy at all. As a bully and thief, like a mafia member, you are one of the wanted people in the town. Every person can be your enemy. It´s a grand real war.

Ready for the grand action in the city? Ready for shooting, theft and police killing?

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