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About IQ test

What does this test measure?

This test is motivated by Raven's progressive matrices that got their name according to their creator John C. Raven, who developed them in 1936 as a non-verbal test of abstract thinking.
It is a ‘culture fair’ multiple choice IQ test, that measures your fluid intelligence (Gf) – your reasoning and problem solving ability. Fluid intelligence is a core component of (g) – your general intelligence.
This test tests the understanding of the complexity of patterns, the ability to store and retrieve information. It provides insight into the ability to observe, solve problems and learn.
The test measures only a subset of intellectual abilities. Based on this, valid conclusions can not be drawn about the overall intelligence of the person, the results are approximate.

How does it work?

The test consists of 54 questions which in turn are gradually more complex. Respondents choose geometric shapes to properly complete larger images.
The result of the test is determined by the number of correct answers and the age of the respondent. However, the final score is not linearly related to the number of correct answers.
The evaluation of the test is based on a study of a large sample of anonymous results of users of the app in different age categories and is continuously refined.
The results are distributed on the so-called Gaussian curve into several percentile intervals on an overall scale from 0 to 160 intelligence quotient points, with the majority of the population according to the Gaussian curve (i.e. over 50%) corresponds to IQ values between 90 and 110.

Advantages and Disadvantages

• The advantage of the test is its non-verbal nature, which avoids cultural and linguistic discrepancies.
• The disadvantage of the test is that repeating it may improve the result.