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Hole and Fill: Collect Master!

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About Hole and Fill: Collect Master!

Get ready to swallow the world in our exciting and satisfying black hole game adventure with Hole and Fill: Collect Master!

In this black hole game you'll control a powerful hole to collect all the objects in sight -fruit, cake, cupcake, ice cream, donut, tasty fast food - burger from grocery shopping. As you progress, you will become hoard master and upgrade your hole io to make it bigger, faster, and more powerful, unlocking new levels of stationary, money, makeup cosmetics etc. will allow
you to complete each level quickly and efficiently and to swallow and eat more yummy objects down the hole.

Explore a variety of environments, each with its unique challenges and collectibles in the whole game. Do grocery shopping and devour cupcake, cake, farm fruit, tasty donut and ice cream. Refill makeup while shopping for cosmetics - eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, blush, makeup mirror; Or do stationary shopping - notebook, paper, pen, whiteboard, sticky notes. Then do satisfying unpacking of groceries, makeup and stationary - organize, sort yummy and tasty grocery in fridge, makeup and stationary on shelf.
Experience engaging gameplay, just like in attack hole and hole io games, unique endings, and multiple achievements as you conquer each level and finish to fill up fridge or shelf.

Hole and fill: Collect Master with it's addicting gameplay will make you an attacking hoard master that will swallow the world and eat all the objects in it! Fill the fridge with all of the groceries that you will collect down the hole, It’s satisfying to organize fridge food, cosmetics shelf, stationary. Whole lines of food are awaiting to swallowed and organised in the fill up fridge of yours. Don’t forget to put blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, and mirror on your makeup shelf. Store sticky notes, whiteboard, notebook, pen on stationary shelf. This game is satifying just like diy makeup, fill up fridge and many other girl games.

Key Features:

- Collect and eat objects to grow your hole and complete levels in record time and fill the fridge with yummy groceries
- Discover diverse environments and challenges in each level
- Upgrade your attack hole for enhanced speed, size, and power
- Unlock quirky objects and pull off crazy stunts to collect them down the hole
- Earn achievements and become a true black hole game master
- Enjoy addicting gameplay like in hole io and attack hole games

Embark on a thrilling journey and use your skills to collect, swallow the world and eat yummy objects and dominate each level. Can you become the ultimate hole hoard master? Download Hole and Fill: Collect Master! now and prove your prowess!

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