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About QR Code Scanner App, QR Scan

Super FAST and must-have QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner for Android! SIMPLE, SAFE and very easy to use! 100% FREE! 👍

QR & Barcode Scanner app can scan any type of QR code and is the best QR code reader/barcode scanner, including Product, URL, Wi-Fi, Google Auth, ISBN, VCard, Contacts, Calendar, Email, Geo,Text, and more formatting.

Auto-scan any QR code or barcode for more information, you can search for a product online, visit different e-commerce portals like Amazon, eBay and Google for product information such as country of origin, additives, etc.

Two-factor authentication is a proven security guarantee against various cyber-attacks. You can scan QR codes with our app to get verification codes for all your online accounts.

Scan the QR code menu with QR & Barcode Scanner. Automatically recognizes the code and jumps to the "e-menu" to browse the selected dishes and complete the order online.

Try this free QR code scanner / QR code reader to scan items and compare prices with online prices to save money.

QR Code Reader Barcode Scanner app easily scan some coupons/coupon codes to get discounts on items and save some money.

QR Code Reader scans with one click and automatically connects to Wifi, so you can easily access the Internet!

QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner supports scanning all formats of QR codes and barcodes such as: Data Matrix, Quick Code, EQS, QR Code, Code39 and Code128 etc. Using the QR Code Reader Barcode Scanner app is fast and safe.

QR Code Reader Barcode Scanner helps you to create and share QR codes in various formats anytime, Contact, URL, Text, Email, SMS, Weblink, Phone, WiFi, GEO, etc. The option to generate a QR code or barcode can be used for several purposes, such as generating codes for your own social accounts (including YouTube, Facebook...), contact information or business products.

QR & Barcode Scanner can help you to generate various social media QR codes like Youtube QR code, Instagram QR code, etc.

★ Why choose Free QR Code Reader Barcode Scanner?★
✔️ Scan any types of QR code
✔️ Flashlight for scanning in dark environments
✔️ Easily scan and create QR codes and barcodes
✔️ Scan QR codes and barcodes in the gallery
✔️ Batch scan QR codes and barcodes
✔️ Price Scanner
✔️ No internet connection required
✔️ All scan history will be saved
✔️ Share the generated QR code and barcode as you like
✔️ Customized business cards


1️⃣ Point the camera at the QR code/barcode
2️⃣Automatic identification, scanning, decoding
3️⃣ Get results and related options. If it's a wifi QR code, the app will automatically connect to the wifi hotspot without a password. If the result of the scan is a product, you can choose to search for a country to get some details.

🚀QR Code Reader Barcode Scanner can automatically detect and scan any code without pressing any button. You can also scan a QR code or barcode in the image gallery. If you are in a dimly lit environment, the flashlight allows you to scan and read QR codes and barcodes.

🏅The easiest free QR reader. Automatically scan QR codes and create your own QR codes. Download the QR reader barcode scanner app!

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