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Gentle alarm clock with music

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About Gentle alarm clock with music

Gentle alarm clock for free will help you wake up without stress, easily and calmly. Set your own pre-alarm and it will help you prepare for the alarm and wake-up call.
Calm alarm clock has flexible settings and adapts to your wishes for its operation. Simple alarm clock with beautiful background pictures on the shutdown screen will ensure a good mood for the whole day. Alarm clock for free will not bother you with advertising, but will calm you down with beautiful backgrounds for every taste.

App Features:
- set your own alarm ringtone, calm ringtones inside;
- disable by turning the phone, using the volume buttons;
- setting a quiet pre-signal that will push you to the prompt before the main signal;
- the ability to alert only using vibration (if you set the minimum volume of the melody);
- setting the intervals between repeated alarms and setting the transfer time on the screen of the alarm that has rung;
- smooth increase of the signal volume with the choice of the speed of such increase;
- ability to set different signal tones for each signal;
- dark and light themes with the ability to automatically adjust the change of themes depending on the time of day;
- notes: title, note, comment;
- adjust the screen brightness when triggered;
- automatic shutdown;
- selection of the shutdown method: buttons at the bottom, on the sides, Swype, button for setting the time to delay the signal;
- desktop widgets for easy control from the home screen.

Who is our app for:
- for anyone who lacks the standard apps that are pre-installed on the smartphone;
- for mothers who do not want to wake up the baby with a signal;
- for the visually impaired, we have developed large interface elements;
- we have prepared a lot of themes for schoolchildren and students.
- for those who like to sleep and postpone the rise, there is a presinal, repeat and automatic transfer settings.

With a wide range of alarm settings, you can wake up the way you want every day! Gentle alarm clock, simple alarm clock for free — it's all about a good alarm clock without stress. Intuitive interface for ease of use and settings.

Write to us by email or in the reviews your wishes about how you would like to wake up and what we need to add to our alarm clock for this.

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