Have you ever been suspicious of an app with too many glowing reviews? Ever wondered if some of those reviews might not be entirely trustworthy?

We have, and it got us thinking. What if there were a way to identify and filter out those reviews? If we could somehow do that, how would the overall rating for each app change? Would some apps drop from, say, 4 stars to 2 stars?

And... if we could get more accurate ratings, could we use that information for other things?

How about improving the app search engine? We'd want a search feature to filter apps by the more accurate rating. While we're at it, let's filter by other useful things such as whether it's been a really long time since the app's been updated. Let's also use it to make really good app recommendations.

You guessed it -- we built all of this. It's called Think of it as an upgraded interface to the App Store®.


The website's fast and simple, but powerful. Here's why we think it's awesome:

AppRecs is completely free, and we strive to be as transparent and straightforward as possible. We don't sell favorable placements, we don't sell data, and we don't even show ads. We receive income solely from Apple's affiliate program, which sends us a small percentage of their revenue if you end up buying any apps via referral.

We're just getting started. Android support is next on the roadmap, as are enhancements to review classification and search result ordering. If you have any comments or questions, we'd love to hear from you.

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