Our Newest Feature: App Lists
new feature: user app lists

Why can't you bookmark apps in the App Store? You should be able to say, "No, I don't want to download this right now, but I want to come back and take another look later." The price might drop later. Or maybe you want to get it when you're back on wifi.

We've decided to fix this and are pleased to introduce our latest apprecs.com feature, Lists.

Here's how it works. By default, you have a Favorites list as well as a Watchlist. Favorites is intended for apps you like and might already have, and the Watchlist is intended for apps you might like to download later, such as after a price drop. The lists are yours, though, so use them however you like.

An equally cool feature is that you also can create your own, custom lists. Take a look at one I've created:

What would you put in a custom list?

We're working on features that will make Lists even more useful. Soon, you'll be able to be alerted of price drops for apps in your Watchlist and get automated recommendations based on your favorites. We think these will be pretty great.

Lists are available now. Give them a try -- just tap the "Save" button on any app's details page.

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