Cool Tool: Page Scanner
new feature: user app lists

I'll occasionally come across an article or discussion thread where several apps are strewn throughout, and I find myself wishing there were a simple, short list of those apps. Well, the new Page Scanner feature does just that — it searches any given page for apps and puts them all together into a nice little list. Not only that, but it recommends alternatives that might have been overlooked in the original post/article.

For example, here’s what happens if you plug in the URL of a Reddit thread (Best of iPad Apps - Fall 2016):

A link to the scanner is in the "More" menu at the top of every page. To use it, simply paste the URL of a page mentioning iOS or Android apps, and it'll generate a nicely formatted list of the apps found on that page. You can then browse the apps on AppRecs or save them to a list of your own.

How does it work? The most reliable approach the scanner uses is to look for app links These links can be direct links to the app store or simply links containing app IDs. On some websites, it also has the ability to identify app names from the text if it has enough confidence that the names are fairly unique.

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