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Webex Events App (Socio)

Socio Labs Inc.
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About Webex Events App (Socio)

Webex Events, formerly Socio, takes your event experience to the next level. The Webex Events App (formerly Socio) serves as your digital networking portal, event guide, and content hub, giving you easy access to all of the information surrounding the events you attend!

Browse the attendee list and add connections to chat and network, add sessions to your personal agenda, and watch live streams from your preferred device. Based on how the organizer has set up the event, you may even be able to take polls, play games, and participate in many other ways.

You’ll be networking in two shakes of a smartphone with our Shake to Connect technology. Simply link your email, phone number and social media accounts to a single profile, and connect with others by shaking your phone. Magic!

Want to learn more? Visit us at www.socio.events.

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