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About Yapp

With Yapp, you can view the mobile experience for your conference, social event, group, sports team, school, local business, and more.

Haven’t been invited to a Yapp? To see a sample, enter CONFERENCE as your Yapp ID.

Yapp features include:

• Schedule – See up-to-the-minute information so you know where to be when, and create your personal schedule

• People – Get bios on people, sponsors, and key contacts

• Social Feed – Connect with others and receive breaking news via push notifications

• Documents – View important documents right in the app

• Photo sharing – Take and share photos. See official photos in the Gallery

• Polls – Vote and see the results in real-time

• Video - Playback video the Yapp creator has posted

• Tickets – Buy tickets through Eventbrite

• Offline browsing – See your content even if you are out of network range

Have feedback? Email feedback@yapp.us

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