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About HomeBrite

The HomeBrite app serves as a virtual light switch for your HomeBrite Bluetooth Smart LED bulbs. HomeBrite uses Bluetooth Mesh technology to connect bulbs throughout your entire home while allowing you to dim and power lights on and off, set schedules and timers, create scenes, and manage groups.

Easy Setup
Simply pair bulbs with your Bluetooth smart device then start controlling and customizing your HomeBrite system. No hub, remote, gateway, wifi, or cellular signal is needed.

Turn your bulbs on and off, or dim them from anywhere in your house from one or more Bluetooth smart devices.

Group bulbs by room or moods (ie. movie night) and control them with a single command.

Scenes allow you to customize a group’s lighting effects.

Set schedules to turn individual bulbs or groups on or off at a set date or time. Set a recurring schedule to repeat daily.

Set timers for individual bulbs and groups that countdown to turn on or off

HomeBrite Web Site (http://www.feit.com/homebrite)
HomeBrite Support (http://www.feit.com/homebrite/homebrite-support.html)

HomeBrite LED Bulb (up to 64,000+) and a Smart Device with Bluetooth 4.0. You will need at least one bulb per device for multi-device control.

Please read the privacy policy (http://www.feit.com/privacy-policy) and accept our terms and conditions (http://www.feit.com/Terms_and_Conditions). If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ on www.feit.com/homebrite or contact us via the website.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad with Bluetooth 4.0

About Feit Electric

Since 1978, Feit Electric has remained the most innovative light bulb company in the world. Feit Electric is a proven leader continuously seeking the next lighting breakthrough. Our latest innovation, HomeBrite - a Bluetooth Smart Mesh LED Lighting System offers consumers an exciting new way to personalize and control home lighting, from the palm of their hand. The Feit Electric LED product portfolio includes new dimmable Performance LED bulbs, high-CRI Enhance LED bulbs, LED retrofit kits, and Linear LED Tube offerings. Feit Electric also manufactures energy-efficient LED luminaires including ultra-slim edge-lit ceiling fixtures, light-weight utility shop lights, and weatherproof outdoor LED fixtures.

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