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About BriteHome

The BriteHome app works with Nuro-enabled devices like the Brite Smart Dimmer Switch. Using this app, you can remotely control lights, monitor room conditions, and check on activity in your home.

Key App Features:
• Turns light on and off
• Sets dimming levels
• Checks room conditions, including ambient light, temperature, and power usage
• Monitors activity in the room
• Notifies you when something seems out of the ordinary


About the Brite™ Smart Dimmer Switch
The Brite switch is a self-learning home automation solution packed into light switch. Using built-in machine learning and AI, it watches and learns and then adjusts the lights automatically based on ambient light, human activity, and other room conditions.

• No-touch operation — automatically turns on and off based on room activity
• Dynamic dimming — continuously adjusts light level (based on ambient light and time of day)
• Smooth, flicker-free dimming — automatically adapts dimming curve for every bulb type
• Next-generation sensing — detects occupancy and distinguishes various types of activity
• Privacy protection — no cameras, so no invasion of privacy
• Machine learning and AI — learns preferences and identifies patterns


Watch for new devices coming from Nuro and our partners in the near future.

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