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About Weather

Weather keeps you informed about conditions including temperature, rain, snow, and wind. Check out the forecast by the hour for the next ten days. Use maps to help you explore weather patterns in your area. Stay notified about upcoming adverse conditions. With iCloud your favorite locations are always synced and easily accessible whether you’re on your Mac, your iPad, your Apple Watch, or on your iPhone.


Quickly check current and forecasted conditions by the hour for the next 10 days for temperature, wind, humidity, dew point, feels like temperature, UV index, barometric pressure, and visibility.
Stay aware of adverse conditions through severe weather alerts.
Follow precipitation intensity over the next hour by the minute.
Get more clarity about the weather at your location through relevant news articles.

Search for the weather at any location and save your favorites.
Conveniently check the weather at your favorite locations on your iPhone, your iPad, or your Mac.

Weather Maps
Track the path and intensity of storms for the next-hour by the minute or for the next 12 hours through animated maps of precipitation.
Observe wind patterns including direction and speed for the next 24 hours through an animated wind map visualization.
Explore maps that depict how conditions such as temperature and air quality vary near you.

Receive notifications when rain or snow is about to start or stop, or for severe weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and flash floods.

Air Quality
Stay informed about the current level of air quality, how it compares to yesterday, as well as relevant health recommendations.

Historical Trends
Plan your future travels and events using visualizations of seasonal averages of temperature and precipitation conditions.

Sun and Moon
Track today’s sunrise and sunset times, and comprehensive details about daylight.
Learn about today’s moon phase, and moonrise and moonset times. Tap to see more intricate details such as the next full moon, and current illumination level as well as a full lunar calendar.

More ways to view Weather
See the forecast at a glance by adding Weather widgets to your Home Screen and Lock Screen.
Track the weather on-the-go from your Apple Watch.
Ask Siri questions such as “What’s the weather like today?”, “How windy is it out there?” or “What time is sunrise in Paris?”

Some features available for select countries or regions.

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