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About Send IT Back

Return User Cisco Equipment Fast and Easy!

Save the cost of moving, storing, tracking and managing used Cisco equipment removed from your networks. Don't let that used gear sit around taking up valuable space. Return it right away to Cisco and simplify your site operations.

User your iPhone to quickly request pickup of used Cisco gear. Be assured of secure pickup and return to Cisco-certified processing facilities.

• When the gear is ready to go, request pickup
• Check on the status of your return requests
• Review all your company’s return requests
• Confirm receipt at Cisco’s processing facility
• Obtain list of received equipment

• Registration at
• Wi-Fi or cellular service during app use
• Country Coverage
- United States
- United Kingdom
- EU Member States

By installing this application, you:
• Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement available for review on the application About screen
• Consent to receive email and phone communications needed to arrange and coordinate pickup of your used gear
• Allow Send IT Back to use Location Services to identify the location of the used Cisco equipment to be picked up

Cisco reserves the right to inactivate access to the application for use not associated with the return of used Cisco equipment.

Note: Due to security upgrades if you are running version 2.1.11 or older you need to uninstall and install version 2.1.13.

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