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Until Countdown & up to events

Philip Broder
4.7 out of 5

About Until Countdown & up to events

The easiest and clearest event tracker available - beautiful, and a joy to use.

How long Until or Since that special event, in seconds, minutes, hours, months, or years.

It's fun to see how many seconds you've been alive, or days until your next vacation, birthday, countdown to the New Year etc.

Real time display of seconds countdown of all events in main view.

Add your own events along with selected background image, or colour, and add a special overlay effect like confetti, stars, or hearts.

Custom backgrounds using cool supplied images, import your own, or define your own custom background colour.

Custom event text colour.

Fun background overlay effects too.

Built in date calculator to add or subtract a number of days - to find that day you are 25,000 days old for example.

Annual events like Birthdays can auto repeat so you always know how long you have to wait!

Suggested Popular fun and special events are automatically updated from iCloud to choose from.

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