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Anson Liu
4.7 out of 5

About NAVADMIN Viewer

Read and search within Navy and Marine Corps messages anywhere. NAVADMIN, ALNAV, MARADMIN, and ALMAR messages available and searchable on the go.

NAVADMIN Viewer automatically fetches the latest messages as they are released. Messages are stored locally and available for offline viewing.
Referenced publications within a message are automatically highlighted for quick viewing and search.

Message statistics reflect recent stars and views.
Choose from a variety of fonts to view messages in Settings.

Experimental Uniform Detector detects common military ribbons and medals using the camera.

Additional features:
- Handoff
- Spotlight Search
- Siri Shortcuts
- Home Screen Quick Actions

NAVADMINs and ALNAVs are Navy administrative messages.
MARADMINs and ALMARs are Marine Corps administrative messages.

This app comes with No Warranty of Accuracy. All data is provided as is and the user is responsible for verifying any data with offical sources.

Use of this app is subject to the Terms of Use (EULA) at

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