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About FloatMe: Instant Cash Advances

Need a few bucks in between paydays? ‍Meet FloatMe, your Best Financial Friend. Easy cash advances directly to your bank account. Membership is only $1.99/month. ‍No credit checks. No interest. No problem.*

Pay bills, get gas, or buy groceries. All you have to do is download the app today and connect your bank account to get started. Once you’re a member, request Floats at no cost and receive funds in your bank account in 3 days or less. Need funds immediately? We’ll expedite your Instant Float within minutes for a small fee. Instant Float fees vary - $10 Instant Floats have a $3.00 fee, $20 Instant Floats have a $4.00 fee, and $30+ Instant Floats have a $5 fee.*

Know where your bank balance is at all times. With low balance alerts, we’ll let you know when your funds are getting low, to help you avoid those pesky overdraft fees.

Need to earn a little extra cash? Explore our list of side gig opportunities through third-party partners in the app to earn cash if you need it.

Get to know your money with spending category insights at your fingertips. FloatMe’s handy chart presents a quick view of your transactions.

FloatMe uses Plaid Portal to securely connect your bank accounts with 256-bit bank-level security to keep your information and money safe. Plaid seamlessly works with over 10,000 banking institutions across the US. We do not support prepaid cards or Chime and Varo accounts.

FloatMe launched in early 2020 with a mission to help millions of Americans who need a few dollars in between paydays. We also help members better understand their spending habits, and avoid overdraft fees.

Questions? You can contact us through our support portal at www.floatme.com/contact.

* Membership is required to request cash advances; approval of your request is not guaranteed. Membership costs $1.99/month and provides access to FloatMe’s suite of financial products and services. Instant Float fees are not included in the monthly membership cost.

As of October 1, 2023 Cash advances or "floats" are not available to Connecticut residents.

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