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About Ella Verbs: Learn Spanish

Hola! We are an Irish couple (Jane and Brian) living in Spain and learning Spanish. We started Ella Verbs as we were looking for a way to improve our Spanish verbs and make the jump from intermediate to advanced speakers. We tried many ways to improve our Spanish grammar (books, apps, tutors – you name it, we tried it!), but never found the one that clicked. So we built it!

We aren’t your typical Spanish flashcards or verb trainer app. Our philosophy is “learn, quiz, repeat”. We teach you, then quiz you and then surface content again when you need it most. It’s been proven that quizzing helps with concentration, identifying gaps in knowledge and long term retention (Roediger & Karpicke, 2006). You’ll enjoy our personalized Smart Quizzes to help you improve your Spanish conjugation faster!

Because it's just the two of us, we personally read and respond to every feedback email and review. So if you have an idea, issue, question or whatever, please get in touch! We really want and listen to your feedback, and regularly release new features and improve existing ones (to date we've released 30+ updates per year!). Together we want to help everyone learning Spanish to master their verbs :)

You can reach us in-app, or by emailing us at jane@ellaverbs.com or brian@ellaverbs.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


- 30 levels (6 for free) with bite-sized lessons and quizzes guiding you through 16 tenses.
- 8 milestones (2 for free) testing your verbs in-context knowledge through sentences.
- Verb conjugation tables for 1,900+ verbs (101 for free), with full English translation, synonyms and highlighting of irregulars. You can even search by conjugation!
- Track your progress across multiple devices and stay motivated with a daily streak.
- Step-by-step conjugation guide when you get an answer incorrect.
- Learn verbs in context with our sentences option. Great for learning when to use the subjunctive or the indicative, or the preterite or the imperfect.
- Estimates your CEFR level (e.g. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) so you have an idea of where you stand.
- Get daily smart quizzes personalized to your level and progress (Pro only).
- Speaks the answers aloud to help you with pronunciation (uses built in voice library)
- Build your own quizzes with our highly customizable quiz builder.
- Build your own custom list of verbs to study (Pro only).
- Access all content offline so you can study anywhere!
- Supports both European (including "vosotros") and Latin American Spanish.
- Full lessons for reflexive verbs and ser vs estar.
- Dark mode and many configuration options.

We cover 16 Spanish verb tenses across 3 moods:

- Indicative present (El Presente)
- Indicative present continuous (El Presente Progresivo)
- Indicative present perfect (El Futuro Próximo)
- Indicative preterite (El Pretérito Perfecto)
- Indicative imperfect (El Pretérito Indefinido)
- Indicative past perfect (El Pretérito Imperfecto)
- Indicative informal future (El Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto)
- Indicative future (El Futuro Simple)
- Indicative future perfect (El Futuro Perfecto)
- Indicative conditional (El Condicional Simple)
- Indicative conditional perfect (El Condicional Perfecto)
- Subjunctive present (El Presente de Subjuntivo)
- Subjunctive imperfect (El Imperfecto Subjuntivo)
- Subjunctive present perfect (El Pretérito Perfecto de Subjuntivo)
- Subjunctive past perfect (El Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto de Subjuntivo)
- Imperative (affirmative & negative) (El Imperativo – afirmativo y negativo)

Please note, by using Ella Verbs you agree to our terms (https://ellaverbs.com/terms) and privacy policy (https://ellaverbs.com/privacy). Learn more about us at https://ellaverbs.com.

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