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About Simple Calendar: ToDo Planner

The most simple and useful Calendar app ever! When it comes to calendar apps, simple calendar is the best choice! We pursued a simple and easy design throughout the app.

With an emphasis on simplicity, Simple Calendar is super easy to navigate, and with various customizing features including font size, you can use it in the style that suits you best.

It's perfect for those looking for a minimalist calendar app focused on functionality instead of extra (and sometimes unnecessary) features. Simple calendar has been receiving the highest ratings among users, plus it's FREE! Give it a try right now.

[List of functions]
· 6 Widgets
· Font size adjustment (10 sizes)
· Weekly calendar (7 days · 5 days · 3 days) Display
· Supports daily calendar
· Color coding for different calendars
· Enter notes, URLs and maps
· Link with other scheduling apps
· Headlines last for days for easy viewing
· Set your favorite day of the week as a holiday
· Change the start day of the week
· Lock with passcode

[Function Details]

■ iOS calendar
This app uses the iOS calendar app. Schedules made with this app will be synchronized with other scheduling apps and the iOS standard calendar.

■ Adjust font size
You can choose from five font sizes of extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.
You can also pick between light and bold font, to make prioritized events pop up better.

■ Monthly, weekly, and daily calendar
With one tap at the bottom of the screen, you can switch between monthly, weekly, and daily display.
Switching the weekly calendar between 7, 5 or 3 day display allows you to find the display that is right for you.
Because the app memorizes the calendar style used the last time you opened it, it's super convenient for people who only want to use the weekly display.

■ Color coding
You can create separate calendars according to different schedules such as work and home. And then, manage them clearly by color coding them. You can switch the background color between white and black as well.

■ Secure passcode lock
You can lock the app with a password securely, if you don't want people to see your calendars. Of course, it corresponds to Face ID, Touch ID as well.

■ Notification settings
You can set up notifications for scheduled events, at the event time and also 5 min, 15min, or more prior to the event so you don't miss important plans!

[Note to users]
Since this calendar app uses the standard function of the iOS calendar, all schedules older than one month may disappear with the default setting. This also applies to other apps. If you want to keep past events, please follow the procedures below after installing the app.

1. Open the iOS Settings app.
2. Tap "Calendar".
3. Tap "Sync".
4. Select "All Events".

This should solve the problem.
If you still have questions, visit the "Help · FAQ" page from the app for further details.

Please visit "Help · FAQ" from the setting screen of the app. If this doesn't help, please contact us through "Inquiry / feedback" from the setting screen. We can respond to you much quicker this way, so please do so instead of asking us questions in the app review, since it takes a while for those to be reflected onto the page.

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