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Diamond Diary Notes With Lock

Milica Petrovic
4.4 out of 5

About Diamond Diary Notes With Lock

Looking for a safe place for your secrets and memories? Diamond Diary Notes With Lock is the perfect journal app for you! Write about your dearest moments, ideas, write your love story and lock your notes!

Have a cute glitter daily planner that will help you organize your life! Your new best friend is here, write all special thoughts and moments in a diamond diary that will be safe and well-hidden. You can attach photos, cute emoticons and say everything that's on your mind – without anyone judging you!
Don't leave out a single detail and have the cutest glitter diamond diary that you can use to write new entries anytime and anywhere on your phone!

How to use:

** Open your diary to write a new entry whenever you want **
** Write a title for a new entry and add cute emoticons **
** Choose fancy fonts and set font color **
** Set cute backgrounds for your notes **
** Add photos to your entries **
** Search, modify and delete entries as you wish **
** Lock the diary using a pattern, pin code, touch ID/ face recognition **
** Set a recovery question and answer **
** All notes will be saved on iCloud and available on both iPhone or iPad**
** You can share your notes with friends online, or post on social networks! **

With the most amazing diamond secret journal, you can share all your thoughts and write about your precious moments spent with family and friends! Something exciting happened at school today? Write it all out so you don't forget it!
Search through your journal quickly and easily and have a calendar view of all your writings! Personalize your diary with emoticons, photos and selfies – create amazing stories that you will be happy to read over and over again. Have fun!

Diamond Diary Notes With Lock is free to download but some of its options require additional payment and are available through In-App purchases.

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