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About Employee Engagement Manager

NICE Employee Engagement Manager (EEM) empowers you, the frontline agent, to self-manage your schedule and activities in the contact center with exceptional visibility, flexibility and control. Download the NICE EEM app to experience the following benefits:

Self-Service Scheduling, 24/7
Use the NICE EEM mobile app as a personal assistant for your contact center scheduling needs. View your hours and shifts with precision, anytime and anywhere, whether in the contact center or "on the go" outside.

Greater Schedule Control
Adjust your schedule with outstanding responsiveness and control, using EEM's in-app approval flow. No more long wait times and email exchanges with supervisors or administrators to get your schedule change requests reviewed and approved. Get it done quickly!

Better Work-Life Balance
NICE EEM can offer schedule change opportunities based on your own preferences. In EEM, you can add extra hours to your schedule, swap or trade shifts during the day and into the future; or you can give up hours/shifts on short notice. Take advantage of schedule change opportunities that are optimized for you! (Note: schedule change opportunities are made available based on the staffing operation's specific processes and needs at the subject time.)

Terms of Use:
https://eemmobileapps.nicewfm.com/privacy-doc/EEM App TOU clean.html

NOTICE: If you are not sure of your contact center granting the use of NICE EEM, please first check with an administrator at your organization that NICE EEM has been deployed in the contact center.

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