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Battery Charge Alarm

Bastiaan Modderkolk
4.6 out of 5

About Battery Charge Alarm

Battery Charge Alarm is an app that helps you charge your device to a specific battery level. You can set an alarm that will go off when the device is charged to the desired level. This is completely adjustable through an intuitive user interface, matching iOS design guidelines. Once you set the battery alarm, a stand-by screen is shown with a view on the current battery charge, and a dotted line showing the charge required before you will be alerted to stop charging your phone.

- Apple Watch support (requires external wireless speaker)
- Dark mode support
- Preferences are saved automatically
- Standby screen with current charge status
- Alarm volume visible
- Auto increase alarm volume option
- Auto snooze alarm option
- Charge history graphs
- Charge history CSV export
- Choice from several different alarm sounds
- Use alarm sounds from your music library (including Apple Music)
- Adjustable desired charge percentage
- Auto dim display when standby screen is displayed
- Indication of estimated charge current
- Support for integration with Personal Automation in the Shortcuts app, allowing you to automatically set an alarm when you plug in your device (paying customers only, requires iOS 14 or above)

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