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Battery Testing

Binh Tran
4.5 out of 5

About Battery Testing

BatteryTesting is a well-designed battery benchmarking app for iOS devices. It's also the perfect test for your iOS battery, no matter if it’s brand new or gently used.

Did you ever wonder why your device's battery is always running low?

With BatteryTesting and its technique to identify battery runtimes, you will always know what's wrong with your battery.

The application will display your device's runtimes adjusted accordingly or even show you further data on your battery (depending on the iOS version).

• Monitor your device's runtimes
• Estimated, and calculated raw data
• Easily to check your battery's health

The main objective of BatteryTesting is to give users an overview of their device's runtimes. If you are unsure about a battery replacement, feel free to send us an e-mail or tweet us (@BatteryTesting).

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