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Alexey Tataurov
4.8 out of 5

About AnimeWalls: Anime Wallpaper

Are you an Anime and Manga fan? If definitely yes, you should install this application to explore a huge collection of Anime wallpapers.

- Amazing collection of popular anime wallpapers
- Collection of trending wallpapers
- Editable favorites
- Easy customization using image filters
- Saving to Camera Roll
- Portrait and landscape orientation on iPads
- Support of all iPhones and iPads
- No internet connection required

- Naruto wallpapers
- Boruto wallpapers
- Pokemon wallpapers
- Death Note wallpapers
- Demon Slayer wallpapers
- Violet Evergarden wallpapers
- Shingeki no Kyojin wallpapers
- Fullmetal Alchemist wallpapers
- Tokyo Ghoul wallpapers
- Kimetsu no Yaiba wallpapers
- Boku no Hero Academia wallpapers
- Hunter x Hunter wallpapers
- One Punch Man wallpapers
- Cowboy Bebop wallpapers
- One Piece wallpapers
- Attack on Titan wallpapers
- Dragon Ball wallpapers
- and many more

The images in this application are collected from open source databases and use simply for aesthetic purposes. If an image violates any copyright, please report it to us and we will remove it from our database.

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