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About Celebs - Celebrity Look Alike

Discover your celebrity twin with Celebs, the ultimate app for finding your celebrity lookalike! Using cutting-edge technology, this fast, fun, and free app compares your photos to thousands of famous celebrities to find your best match. Take unlimited pictures and find your celebrity doppelgänger as many times as you want!

Find Your Twin and Share with Friends
Answer questions like " Which celeb do I look like?" or "Who do I resemble?" with Celebs. With our improved accuracy and faster comparisons, you can now easily find your celebrity lookalike and share your results with friends on Instagram and Snapchat. Create fun stories with your celebrity matches and see who your friends think you look like!

Key Features:

Celebrity matching: Discover your celebrity twin with our advanced matching algorithm.
What celebrity do I look like generator: Get accurate and fast results to find out which celebrity you resemble.
Results for Instagram and Snapchat stories: Share your celebrity lookalike results with friends on social media.
Easily find your celebrity lookalike: Take unlimited pictures and compare them with thousands of famous celebrities.
Privacy-focused: Your photos and selfies never leave your phone, thanks to our app that runs entirely on your device.
Upgrade to Celebs+ for Additional Features
Upgrade to Celebs+ for an enhanced experience with additional features and customization options. Get even more accurate and detailed results to find your perfect celebrity match!

Download Celebs now and discover your celebrity lookalike for free! Join the fun and start comparing with your friends today!
Terms and Conditions: https://link.celebsapp.com/terms

To help you find your celebrity doppelgänger, Celebs uses simple image classification and matching algorithms that run locally on the user's device (meaning that the images never leave your device) securely through CoreML. The algorithm used in Celebs does not use AI facial recognition technology as it's not used to identify you or other users on Celebs. Celebs does not have the following features or effects: human ageing, gender transit, face swap, or future baby appearance prediction references.

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