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Cappuccino - stay in touch

Sociaaal LLC
4.7 out of 5

About Cappuccino - stay in touch

Cappuccino is like a mini-podcast made up of stories from your closest friends.

You and your friends record short audio stories (“beans”) throughout the day, like life updates, funny moments, or drama.

Listen to your Cappuccino, a mix of your friends’ fun stories with background music.

It feels like a mini-podcast from your friends. It makes you smile, laugh and feel closer.

Cappuccino is for elite friend groups only.

From the Capp Community:
“The best app to have happened to the girls.” - @timpsz on Twitter
“Capp is unique, not like any other network.” - Ariel
“A great, low-effort way to stay connected.” - Abbi

Terms and Conditions:

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