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Introducing Flirtini – the social discovery app that spices up your flirting game and adds a touch of fun to the mix. With Flirtini, you can:
- Scout for like-minded charmers using a diverse range of filters
- Spark a connection and slide into private chats with ease
- Breathe life into your profile by sharing Stories with flair

- ChatGPT: Effortlessly craft a personalized profile description in mere seconds, thanks to the magic of OpenAI! Let ChatGPT, one of the world's most sought-after AI chats, spin a dazzling description based on your personality, appearance, and preferences. Unleash this chatbot to create an unforgettable profile description in a snap.
- Personal AI Assistant: Discover your ultimate dating companion. Our AI Assistant provides timely advice without taking control, ensuring your dating experience remains authentically human. It's like having a savvy wingman in your pocket, guiding your dating journey.
- Icebreaker: Our AI-assistant helps you conquer anonymous chats, ensuring you never run out of things to say. Enjoy a smooth conversation flow with tailored ice-breakers that are sure to grab attention.
- Flirty Mate: Our AI isn't just a companion, it's your key to sparking flirty banter and irresistible wordplay. Enjoy lively chats, playful teasing, and even virtual dates, all with a splash of flirtatious charm.
- Custom Chat Theme: Add a touch of personality with our Custom Chat Theme feature! Make each chat distinctively yours with individual themes. It's like having a unique wallpaper for each conversation!
- Gift Story Boost: Make a statement and kickstart a conversation with our Gift Story Boost feature. Boosting someone's story becomes a unique gift, sparking immediate interest and paving the way for meaningful connections.

- Beauty Filter: Spruce up your snapshots right within the app using our premium photo filters! Our in-app picture wizard lets you perfect your skin tone, glam up with makeup, erase imperfections, and more. Apply advanced filters to elevate your photos before sharing them with fellow users.
- Disguise Settings: We're all about keeping your secrets safe. Our one-of-a-kind privacy features allow you to disguise the app icon, customize anonymous push notifications, and secure your login with a passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID. With our unique features, such as Secret Chat, you can communicate securely and anonymously. Additionally, Flirtini prevents screen captures and recording, providing an extra layer of discretion.

Live Support: Our customer care crew is on standby, ready to assist you 24/7.
Unwavering Security: We verify all users, so you can mingle without fretting over fake profiles and scammers.

- Live Support: Our customer care team is at your service 24/7.
- Strict Security: We verify all users, so you can meet new people without worrying about fake profiles and scammers.

Flirtini offers one free Trial Membership per Apple account. Payment will be charged to your Apple account three days after you start using your free Trial Membership. The subscription price varies by country and is subject to change. You can always find the exact price displayed in the app under Settings. Your Flirtini subscription will be automatically renewed if you do not deactivate your subscriptions a minimum of 24 hours before the end of your current subscription period. You may cancel the subscription anytime.
Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information:

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