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Shooting Tower: Defense Game

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About Shooting Tower: Defense Game

Love tower defense games? Then get ready for the most intense shooting game with your favorite merge defense mechanics.

A war is raging between you and hostile monsters, and as a talented commander, you need to arrange the most effective tower defense. Can you survive a wave of zombies, a horde of orcs, or an alien invasion in this shooting game? They’re coming closer every second, and you have to make the right decision. Venture into the thrilling shooting game and use the power of your war machines to hold out against the enemy rush!

A successful strategy is the key to victory. Show off your wits and skills necessary to win this strategy game. Arrange towers in tactical formations able to shoot down every enemy on sight. Build defensively to hold the line against swarms of enemies. Or play offensively to smash through the attackers and become truly invincible. This ultimate strategy game will challenge even the most skilled tower defense players!

Shooting Tower is the new generation of merge games. Feel the kingdom rush, merging towers to fight your way through. Combine two same-level shooting towers to get a more powerful and fast one. Reach the level of mega tower that will defeat the enemies in seconds. Turn your defense into a great offense and fight the enemy rush!

Towers in positions. They’re coming! Get ready to repel attacks of huge waves of zombies, orcs, aliens, and other unexpected visitors. The enemies are always different, but the objective stays the same—shoot them all to protect your base. Purchase war machines, merge them together, and shock the enemy rush with heavy shooting. Use the turret and mega tower power to the MAX to survive the final boss attack.

Hurry to swell the ranks of clever commanders in this action-packed merge game. This shooter has everything that makes shooting games fun.

Key Features:
Intense boss fights
A rich arsenal of war machines
Hundreds of exciting challenges
Various types of enemies
A fast-paced war game
Addictive tower merging
Exciting level boosters

Сonvinced that this strategy game is the best? This exciting shooter will leave you hooked for hours. Download Shooting Tower now to explore one of the most entertaining tower defense games out there!

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