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About Madtale: Idle RPG

Log in now to get generous free rewards: up to 1024 draws, Epic Partner MIRROR QUEEN, Elite Gear set, limited avatar frame, rich diamonds, etc. Also, log in for 7 days to get the free exclusive Epic Partner, SNOW WHITE!

Enhance your favorite Partner by unlocking specialized Paragenetic Weapons for FREE, and easily level them all up in the Link Workshop. The Wagon won’t stop generating rewards while you are offline. Madtale saves you a vast amount of time and resources!

Unique split-screen design and establish your team with simply one tap. Autoplay to spend less time grinding and more time exploring. Immersive experience and hands-free!

6 camps, 5 professions with all unique skills and buffs, each Partner is useful! Flexible layout, various buffs, all operations are not in vain! Also, you can explore more gameplay: build up your guild to slay epic bosses, unlock the Plot Storys in the Memorial Palace...

Make friends with Adventurers from all over the world, fight a 1v1 combat with real players in the Arena, and build up your team to win fame and glory!

Newly designed dark fairytale Partners with eye-popping reversed fairytale plots! What is the truth of the story? Mysteries are waiting for you to unravel layer by layer!

Enjoy the fun of randomness in the thrilling roguelike adventures of Polluted Prison and defeat bosses to win rewards on each floor of Underground Ruins. You never know whether a reward or a challenge awaits!

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