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About TapTap Universe - Idle RPG

The latest Idle Sci-fi RPG, explore the TapTap Universe! The story sets in the future where humans can colonize different planets, and you find yourself in the new frontier of space colonies—Max IV. Alien Ruins, Paradigm Space, Ancient Relic…Join the Galaxy Conquest and become the Legendary Summoner!

▶Game Features

[6v6 Auto Chess Gameplay]
A brand new 6v6 battle system can give you more strategic possibilities and a more diverse battle experience! With auto chess gameplay, you can play TapTap Universe whenever you want, wherever you want! No strings attached, just relax and have fun!

[Form Your Space Hero Squad]
Heroes from all over the universe, at your disposal! Kureko the Space Ninja, Gus the Force User, Luke the Bounty Hunter, Hapi the Dark Alchemist…You name it, you have it!

[Collect Massive Idle Rewards]
Don’t have time to grind? No worries! TapTap Universe stores up to 12 hours of AFK rewards! Receive loot automatically, grow stronger without even noticing!

[Summon the Great Element Beasts]
Use element combos to summon the great beasts! Amplify your power and defeat stronger enemies at ease!

[Become the Best of Worldwide PVP]
Compete with players from all around the world in our global arena! Ascend in the leader board to claim massive rewards!

[Enjoy Endless Content]
Various dungeons, raids, and events coming up every patch! You’ll never get tired of winning loot!

Contact us:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taptapuniverse
Discord: https://discord.gg/SXc7CRfAQP

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