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About Emily's Stories - Match Puzzle


Emily Walt is a young archaeologist working in a New York museum until one day her father disappears under mysterious circumstances, leaving only an ancient Egyptian amulet with a cryptic inscription as a clue to his fate. Determined to track down her beloved father, pursued by gun-wielding thugs, and plunged into a whirlwind of adventure, romance and mystery that spans the globe and the centuries, Emily needs your help. Get playing now to solve addictive match-3 puzzles, find clues and unlock new episodes in this enthralling graphic novel game.


◾ Myriad colorful match-3 levels that provide a real challenge for your spatial awareness and puzzle-solving skills.

◾ Dozens of unique game mechanics provide extra puzzle challenges and keep you coming back to match some more.

◾ A wide range of boosters are available to spice up your gameplay and help you out in the trickiest matching situations.

◾ Complete levels to earn stars that unlock new chapters of the story, as well as gems that let you buy boosters and other in-game goodies.

◾ Daily quizzes test your general knowledge and give you access to extra rewards, as well as regular game events that further enhance your playing fun.

◾ Beautiful, brightly-colored level design combined with carefully employed sound and haptic effects make for an immersive and sensorily satisfying puzzle experience.


◾ Plunge into a thrilling story of mystery and romance with shades of classic adventure novels and Hollywood blockbusters.

◾ Meet a charming and fascinating cast of characters as Emily discovers who her real friends – and her mysterious enemies – are.

◾ Follow Emily to exciting and exotic locations all over the world as the mystery of her father’s disappearance deepens.

◾ Unlock extra chapters of the game that delve further into the backgrounds of the characters and the story of Emily and her family.

◾ Short episodes with cliff-hanger endings make it easy to dip in and out of the story at any time, and ensure you’ll always want to come back for more.


Looking for a new game that combines challenging puzzles that you’ll want to keep playing with an exciting adventure story that’s guaranteed to have you gripped and eagerly awaiting the next chapter? Then download Emily’s Stories now and join our intrepid heroine today for a rollercoaster ride of mystery, romance, thrills and fun. What are you waiting for?

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