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How many times have you wondered, Can I feed this to my dog? Quickly scroll through some common foods you know to see if your dog can eat them too. Invest in your dogs health today  you can even cook for two with the information provided! Features include: * Hundreds of food types including meat, dairy, fruit, vegetable, and grains. * Built-in search function lets you easily search for a specific food. * Easily browse foods by category or health rating. * Share any information with your friends and family. * Immediately find out whether a food is okay to feed your dog using the built-in health rating system and doggy approval sounds. * Thorough descriptions about each food details everything from the general healthiness of the food, to advice on how and when to feed your dog certain types of food, and even how to prepare some foods! * Mark favorites on any food so that you can conveniently pull them up at any time. Don't make the mistake of feeding your dog potentially toxic foods ever again!

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