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SICKIPEDIA - The OFFICIAL app for FUNNY, RUDE, BAD and SICK JOKES! Sickipedia is building the world's best collection of sick and funny jokes. "Every time there is a big story - say a murder or a disaster, following the news comes the funny jokes. Psychologists probably have something to say about this, but not us, we just want to be the best place for finding, recording and disseminating this funny and sick material." Browse the best collection of politically incorrect and sick jokes at any time via the Sickipedia iPhone app. GUARANTEED TO GIVE YOU MULTIPLE LOL-GAZMZ!! Puts 9GAG to shame! NOTE: Sickipedia is not recommended for the easily offended or devoid of humour ;) Visit the Sickipedia site to submit your funny and sick jokes: Follow us on Twitter:

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