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Niko Niko - the mood tracker for happier and more productive teams

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Niko Niko makes tracking your mood easy so you can track what makes you happy and do more of it. By regularly checking-in your mood with Niko Niko, you create a calendar tracking of your mood. A quick glance at your Niko Niko calendar gives you an instant log of how you’ve been feeling and what you’ve been doing. Notifications remind you to check-in your mood on a regular basis to create a log of how you’ve been feeling. It’s fun to swipe the smiley to capture exactly how you are feeling. Add a short message or get creative and draw on the smiley. And share it socially through Facebook and Twitter... or not. Niko Niko has its roots in the agile software methodology of the same name. Niko Niko is the Japanese ideophone for smiling. Tracking metrics that impact performance and productivity is important, and knowing the mood of a team is key data point for managers. Niko Niko takes the original Niko Niko calendar concept and makes it an app that is fun to use so that data is captured and actionable. Our latest release of Niko Niko now has teams, so you can track the mood of an organization, family or group. A team leader can create a team for a low monthly subscription and now have access to important mood data about how a team is feeling. Stay tuned to our progress at

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