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About Fusion-Link

Fusion Entertainment, the world’s leading marine entertainment manufacturer introduces advanced wireless remote control for any supported marine entertainment system via Fusion-Link. Whether you’re on the move or at the helm, quick access to the onboard entertainment is only an ‘App’ away. Navigate all music sources, independent volume zone control, ability to control entertainment systems connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Navigate albums, artists and playlists with the same ease of use as navigating the Fusion marine interface. Album art is displayed on screen (Wi-Fi only).

The app supports the Apollo series features including over-the-air software updates via the app. Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Using environmental information and customized Fusion speaker profiles, you can now achieve customized, optimized audio for any area of your boat, resulting in an entertainment system that is perfectly tuned for premium audio reproduction, and programmed to protect your system season after season. Setting up your DSP profiles is made simple with the FUSION-Link app.

Depending on the Fusion marine entertainment system purchased you can either connect to the app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (consult stereo specifications for connection method), both streaming and control is available from the connected device.

You must ensure your Fusion Entertainment System has the latest software installed to support the Fusion-Link App, please go to the Fusion Entertainment website and select the appropriate product to download the latest software version. http://www.fusionentertainment.com/marine/products/stereo-units

Important to Note:
1 – Fusion-Link control over Wi-Fi is available on the MS-RA770, MS-RA670, MS-WB670, MS-ERX400, MS-SRX400, MS-UD755, MS-AV755, MS-UD750, MS-AV750.
2 – Fusion-Link control over Bluetooth is available on the MS-RA770, MS-RA670, MS-WB670, MS-SRX400, MS-RA60, MS-UD755, MS-AV755, MS-UD750, MS-AV750, MS-UD650, MS-AV650, MS-RA70/RA70N, MS-BB100, Stereo Active and Panel Stereo

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