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ABOUT EyeDROPS EyeDROPS is the first app to help anyone with chronic eye problems remember to take their eyedrops and other necessary eye medications. It allows you to enter your medications into an easy to view list, set the proper times, and EyeDROPS reminds you when it’s time for your next dose, as well as when you last took it. We will count the drops for you, and remind you when it’s time to refill your bottle! We can handle every eye medication you take, from dry eyes to glaucoma to macular degeneration. EXISTING FEATURES INCLUDE Reminders set for any time of day, and as often as you need them. The ability to skip a drop if the bottle is not with you, and take it later. A database of all eye medications to search for your prescription or over the counter medications. Easily switch from one medication to another, and keep track of any drops or eye medications that you were allergic to, or didn’t work. NotifIcation when your bottle is running low. The ability to keep track of how often you successfully took you drops, when you took them, and a graph to monitor your compliance. This graph can even be emailed to your doctor! The ability to keep track of all important eye lasers and surgeries you’ve had. A record of intraocular pressures from your doctor visits, and the ability to see them on a continuous graph. The ability to keep track of any family member’s eye medications. Please note: WE CANNOT OVERRIDE THE SILENCE SWITCH—if your set your phone to silent, you will not receive the sound alert. WE ARE DEDICATED TO MAKING THIS THE BEST APP FOR YOU, AND WILL BE IMPROVING AND EXPANDING IT FREQUENTLY. PLEASE CONTACT US (“send feedback” under the “INFO” tab), AND WE WILL HELP YOU WITH ANY ISSUE. If you have suggestions on how to make EyeDROPS better, let us know—we want this App to be a valuable partner to help you manage your eye disease! EyeDROPS DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL TREATMENT OR ADVICE AND IS THIS APPLICATION IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE ONLY. Always consult a physician IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL TREATMENTS OR IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY MEDICAL ISSUES.

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