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About Apple Podcasts

Discover podcasts that entertain, inform, and inspire. Get recommendations curated by Apple Podcasts editors, tailored to your interests. Seamlessly sync your shows across Apple devices.


• Browse hundreds of curated collections from Apple editors.
• Explore new shows with personalized recommendations.
• Find trending shows and episodes by category with Top Charts.
• Follow and save your favorite shows to your library.
• Use playback controls to build and manage your queue, control playback speed, and set sleep timers.
• Access subscriber-only content — from the biggest names to the top independents.
• Connect subscriptions to access shows from Apple Music, Apple News, and other top apps.
• Get new episode notifications from shows you follow.
• Download episodes and listen offline.
• Pick up where you left off with seamless syncing across your Apple devices.
• Listen on-the-go with CarPlay and Apple Watch.

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