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About OneTouch Reveal®

The OneTouch Reveal® mobile app has helped over 4 million* people take a step forward in their diabetes management. The OneTouch Reveal® app can be used to track information from blood glucose meters to support diabetes management.

The OneTouch Reveal® app seamlessly syncs data with the OneTouch Verio Reflect® meter and the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter to change the way you see your blood glucose.

Helps you easily spot blood glucose patterns
• Transforms data into colorful snapshots that connect your blood glucose with food, insulin and activity.
• Draws a timeline of important blood glucose events and activities, highlighting when you have been repeatedly out of range.
• Receive automatic notifications on your smartphone when a high or low blood glucose pattern is detected.

Personalize your diabetes management tools
• Set personalized reminders to stay on top of patterns, meds, food, exercise—whatever you need to manage your diabetes.
• With the Blood Sugar Mentor™ feature**, you get personalized guidance, insight, and encouragement to help you manage your blood glucose (only available when using OneTouch Verio Reflect™ meter).

Set up and track personalized goals and visualize your progress over time.
• Blood Glucose Tests: Test your blood glucose to identify patterns.
• Step Tracking: Monitor the number of steps you walk each day.
• Carb Tracking: Regularly log the carbohydrates you eat to see the correlation between your food intake and your blood glucose levels.
• Activity Tracking: Track the amount of exercise you are getting.

Easy-to-view diabetes logbook
• Automatically logs and organizes your blood glucose results.
• Identify high and low blood glucose results with the color-coded logbook.
• See how you’re doing at a glance, with a simple 14-, 30- and 90-day overview of your blood glucose results.

Other helpful blood glucose management features
• Share your progress with your care team between visits – you can email your personalized diabetes report.
• The A1c comparator on the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app lets you compare your lab A1c to the average of your blood glucose readings from the last 90 days.
• Optionally integrates with the Health app and Fitbit.

Access to OneTouch® Solutions 
• Get OneTouch® products delivered to your home through convenient subscriptions or just order products as you need them.
• Get additional support to help manage your diabetes with access to partner products.

Or if you’d like to know more about the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app, please contact OneTouch® Customer Care at

*Data on file.
**Feature only available when using the OneTouch Verio Reflect™ meter.
Treatment decisions should be based on the current numerical result and healthcare professional’s recommendation.
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Compatible with iOS 15 or later. Depending on your iOS device and version, screenshots in Help File may not match what you see in your app.

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