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About Banfield Pet Hospital

Petcare management in your pocket! Download now and get secure, easy-to-use access to your pet’s veterinary information anytime, anywhere with the Banfield Pet Hospital app.

· Easily make and check appointments.
· Get details about your next appointment.
· Pick the appointment type that’s right for you.
· Get alerts for duplicate appointments.
· Send us even more info about new pet patients.
· Stay on top of your pet’s preventive care needs with our easy-to-use dashboard and timely reminders for appointments, vaccinations, and more.
· View, filter, and download your pet’s records — including medical summary reports, medications, lab tests, visit summaries, and invoices.
· Attend virtual visits directly through the app with push notification reminders.

Have an Optimum Wellness Plan? The app is a great place to ping Pet Chat™ for 24-7 live advice to give you petcare peace of mind.

Don’t have an Optimum Wellness Plan? Visit our website to check out our smart packages of high-quality preventive care services like vaccinations, physical exams, deworming, and more for cats and dogs!

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