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About Sandboxx

Developed by veterans with decades of service, our mission is to support service members and their supporters throughout their military journey.

Sending letters to basic training and beyond has never been easier. With over 6 million letters sent to date, we have revolutionized the way you think of supporting your service member. A fully digital letter writing experience, overnight shipping, tracking and the option to add gift cards makes Sandboxx the ultimate supporter tool.

With a growing community of over 1 million Sandboxx users, we are continuing to build more products to help. Get access to base specific training updates from within the app as your recruit progresses through basic training. Refer friends and family to earn free Letters and ensure your service member can receive even more mail.

Check out Sandboxx News to stay up to date with all that’s going on in the military space. Grab some additional stamps, newsletters or motivation to mail your recruit in the Sandboxx Shop.

With Sandboxx, we’ve got you covered for all your basic training needs.

The easiest way to send letters to basic training or overseas. Send a letter, anytime, anywhere. We physically print your mail, include return stationery, provide tracking and overnight it to your recruit at any recruiting base.

Stay up to date on your recruit as they progress through basic training. Learn about what they are going through on a weekly basis, all accessible within the Sandboxx app.

Your essential source of news from within the military space, Sandboxx News brings you a wealth of information to stay up to date on the ever evolving world of military life. Covering news to lifestyle to military affairs, the Sandboxx Editorial team brings decades of real life experience and education straight to your phone.

Whether you want to purchase military apparel for yourself or set up a daily mail send for your recruit, the Sandboxx Shop stocks a wide variety of recruit and supporter centric products that are sure to delight your recruit’s entire support system.

OPSEC and PERSEC compliant
Automatically connect with your service member to easily send letters
Write your letter, add a photo and gift card and send within minutes
Track your letter from Sandboxx HQ to the base mailroom
Access to customer support fully staffed by veterans and military spouses
Earn badges and become your recruit’s ultimate supporter

No Federal or DoD Endorsement Implied.
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